“I will Fight The IRS For You!”

Don’t Get Scanned By Bogus Tax Attorneys
Beware of Scams!
  • Have you noticed how many people are trying to get your tax problem business? Most of these people are looking for quick and easy big bucks. We call them “Tax Shops”. They will promise you everything and deliver practically nothing. They advertise extensively, even on top-rated talk radio shows, under the theory that if you hear their name often enough, you will automatically trust them.
  • Some of these people are very aggressive and will call you up on the phone and try to pressure you into hiring them. They are simply opportunistic Tele­Marketers with no expertise in solving tax problems. You could lose a lot of money if you deal with them. When they call you, simply tell them “No Thanks” and hang up. Don’t give them a chance to persuade you with clever phrases and fear tactics.
  • A number of the big name Tax Shops have been sued by state Attorney Generals or been closed down by the Federal Trade Commission. Read More. Remember “Tax Masters”? They are gone. Ronnie Deutch? She’s gone. JK Harris, he’s gone, too. I’ve been here for 23 years and counting. I’m not planning to leave in the foreseeable future.
  • A recent article in Forbes magazine recommends that you hire an experienced tax attorney to assist you with your IRS problems. Link A new scam has hit the marketplace ­ Solving Your Tax Problems for “Pennies on the Dollar”! These people advertise aggressively on TV and radio. They play on your legitimate fear of the IRS. They may appear legitimate on the surface, and may even have celebrity spokesmen and advertise on big name talk shows, but every week I get several calls from people who have been ripped off by their high-pressure sales tricks. The problem is, there are no qualifications that these people must have to fill out IRS forms for you so the industry is overrun with charlatans and rip- off artists. Most of them are not lawyers or accountants or even enrolled agents. They certainly don’t tell you what their qualifications are! They may say your file will be reviewed by a lawyer but who knows?
  • Recently a man came to me who had given one of the largest tax resolution firms over $7,000 to solve his problem. He ended up dealing with several different people, he wrote several letters that were never answered and now he cannot get anyone from that firm on the phone. The firm did nothing for him. They told him they had everything on hold with the IRS and now his wife’s wages are being levied at 90%! That firm is clear across the country so there’s not much he can do about losing his money.
  • Some of these people are extremely aggressive and will call you on the phone and harangue you to give them money. Just hang up, don’t speak to them, and don’t try to outwit them because they have telemarketing training and it’s hard to beat them in a verbal game of wits. If you have to say anything just say that you prefer to work with someone local and hang up.
  • There is also another scam going around. Someone will call you claiming to be from the IRS and tell you that the IRS is going to sue you unless you immediately pay them money. Usually, the caller will have a foreign accent, but not always. Then they will set up a meeting place or post office box where you are to bring your money. Be assured this is a scam, the IRS never calls up demanding money. They always send out letters first then threaten to levy your wages or bank accounts.
Before hiring someone to help you resolve your tax problems, consider the following 9 questions:
  • Do I know who I’m dealing with?
      • Am I speaking to someone on the phone who I will never meet face to face, who could be here today and gone tomorrow and who is using all kinds of sales tricks, pressure and fear tactics on me, or should I work with someone local who is accountable to a state licensing agency?
  • Is this person looking out for my best interests and how can I tell?
    • Most of the people you see on TV and hear on the radio tell everyone that they qualify for an Offer in Compromise when in fact, very few people actually qualify.
    • You could pay several thousand dollars for an Offer in Compromise that will be rejected by the IRS and you will never get your money back, either. Once you pay the firm your money, you can rarely reach one of my clients recently paid several thousand dollars to have income tax returns prepared for several previous years. The returns were never prepared and the client could not reach anyone to ask for his money back.
    • Another client told me that an outfit from Renton, Washington called him on the phone trying to get him to pay the caller to solve his tax problems. My client told him that he had a lawyer working on the case.
    • The caller told my client that “lawyers can’t solve your tax problems, only we can solve your tax problems.” If you get a call like that, you can be certain that you are dealing with a charlatan or con man.
    • If you are talking to someone who has no qualifications, who uses sales tricks and pressure to get you to sign up with him/her, you are speaking to someone who is not looking out for your best interests; but rather his own self-interest. Only a lawyer has an ethical duty to serve your best interests that is enforceable by the state bar association.
  • What are your qualifications for solving my tax problem? 
  • Why Should I Hire a Lawyer Instead of Anyone Else?
    • Only a lawyer can tell you what all your options are because solving tax problems requires knowledge of tax law, as well as administrative law, IRS procedural law, bankruptcy law and family law (because some spouses are not liable for the other spouse’s tax debt). Only a lawyer can advise you on all areas of law that are important to solving IRS and state tax problems. Lawyers have an ethical duty to serve your best interests. Lawyers are accountable to you and the state bar association.
    • Face it, tax problems are legal problems and solving them is much more than simply filling out forms which is all the big advertisers do. Think about it, how can the big advertisers afford to pay tens of thousands of dollars to do all that TV advertising? Easy, they hire low-level people with little or no training and offer poor service for big bucks.
    • Also, it could be very dangerous for you to speak to anyone other than a lawyer because only your conversations with a lawyer are fully protected by the “attorney-client privilege”, and can never be used against you in a criminal case. If you admit something harmful about yourself to a nonlawyer, the government can find out about it and use it against you in court.
    • The IRS is now threatening criminal action for not filing tax returns and for understating your income. I have several clients who are being investigated for tax crimes. One client is 70 years old and his estranged wife turned him in for violating a court order. It seems that he used the US Mail to hide several million dollars in bonds, contrary to a court order. Now he is charged with tax fraud and mail fraud!
    • But the good news is, if you begin to correct your tax problems before the IRS begins investigating you, you may be able to avoid criminal penalties. So you need to take action now and not delay.
    • It is more important than ever that you have competent legal advice about your tax problems. The IRS has increased its collection action by ten times at least. I am seeing more wage and bank levies than I have ever seen. I am seeing audits of “little” guys that I’ve never seen before. The IRS thinks that if they go after the little guys, the big guys will get real scared. That is why you need someone who is as aggressive as they are and who won’t roll over when the IRS tries to push you around! Non-lawyers don’t know how to be aggressive, they don’t have the training or experience to stand up to the IRS.

Before you hire anyone to solve your tax problems, ask these questions

  • How much experience do you have representing taxpayers before the IRS and what was its nature?
Don’t use anyone with less than 5 years experience in the areas of audit, appeals, and collections.
I have over 20 years of experience in all these areas and more for defense against the IRS.
  • What is your classification in part II of Form 2848? – It should be an “A”. If it is “C” through “H”, you are dealing with a very low-level person.
  • What is Form 8275 and when should it be filed? – It can save you from being audited.
  • What is Form 9465 and how can it help me? – It can prevent the IRS from seizing your bank account or garnishing your wages.
  • What is Form 1127? – It can save you from incurring penalties when you can’t pay your taxes.