My name is Steve Talbot and I am a tax attorney.  I graduated from Willamette University School of Law  in Salem, Oregon, and from the University of Florida where I studied tax law, earning an LL.M. degree in taxation.  After law school, I returned to the Northwest.  In order to limit my practice to solving tax problems for my clients, I opened offices in Vancouver, Tri Cities, Spokane and Moses Lake. I used to travel between these offices, but since the recession of 2008, I have made my Vancouver office my only office. This has worked well; my Spokane, Idaho and Tri Cities clients as well as national and international clients are well served by email and faxing.

If the IRS has done any of these things, you need legal help. In fact, I can help with any problem that you may have with the IRS, whether big or small. I have 26 years of experience dealing with the IRS and I have yet to have a case I can’t help with. My clients are ordinary citizens and small to medium sized businesses. I can eliminate or reduce the taxes in some cases. In other cases I can make it easier for you to pay the tax or to pay part of it and have the remainder go away. I can stop levies and in some cases I can remove liens. All I do is help people with IRS problems and I have been doing it longer, more intensely and more in depth than just about anyone around. I do not do estate planning, bankruptcy, corporate or business law, tax planning, or any other area of law. I just defend you against the IRS and I am very good at it. I have 26 years of experience, I have solved almost every kind of tax problem possible, and I can help you, too. Call now for a Free Consultation. If you begin to resolve your tax problem before the IRS begins going after you, you will have a better outcome.